Alexander Guerrero says hello

Guerrero Puig

By Jon Weisman

He’s real! As Mike Brito stays connected in the background, new Dodger infielder Alexander Guerrero buddies up today with not-so-long-ago-new Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig.


Hoping for over, but then again, the guy hasn’t played much in the last year.

Get him to Arizona!!

Sorry Jon…haven’t been able to post for the last week since I was up in LA helping my mother recover from her stroke…I’ll make sure your job srcurity will be intact ^_^

damn no edit button *security

2B is still open for grabs and rightfully so. I think it’s good so the minor leaguers and guys like Guerrero will have a shot at it. It’s good at this present time since all the other positioned are taken. May the BEST man win.

So fun that Mike Brito is in the background of this shot.

This is our yr to shine. No excuses (Dynasty)

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