Who’s staying up for Opening Day?


By Jon Weisman

So, maybe it was because this was the first time in years I didn’t have to get up pre-dawn for the Oscar nominations, but I got to wondering how many of you will be tuning in live for the Dodgers’ opener against the Diamondbacks in Australia on March 22.

The game has a 7 p.m. Sydney start time, which translates to 1 a.m. in Los Angeles. (Quick time-zone sidebar: Daylight Savings Time starts in the U.S. on March 9, but it ends in Australia on April 6. So while there’s a 19-hour time difference today, there will only be an 18-hour time difference when the game takes place. Unless the Internet has lied to me.)

Game 2 in Sydney has a 1 p.m. start time on March 23, which translates to 7 p.m. March 22 in Los Angeles, creating the rare night-night split doubleheader for Dodger fans.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to be up for Opening Day!


Absolutely staying up. I’d also like to point out that having a semi-double-header to open the season with a week rest before regular season play continues will benefit the Dodgers to have Kershaw / Greinke start the first 4 games of the regular season. I love it.

I will absolutely stay up to watch, what Dodger fan wouldn’t ??

I usually get up for work at 4 in the morning, I’ll probably get up around 3 and watch the last part of the game and then get ready for work.

I’m on the East Coast, so the Opening Day game will begin at 4 am here, if I’ve done the time zone math correctly. I think I might wake up for it, but I’ll have to convince my husband to refrain from being mad at me for the 4 am alarm. The good news is that my kids will be able to see the end of the game live.

I remember when I was a kid on the east coast listening to dodger games on the radio that began at 11 pm local time. I doubt that I’ll be up at 1 am to listen in 2014. Will Vin be making the trip? If there is anyone who could get me to stay up to listen to baseball at that hour it would be that man.

I remember those days too. Luckily the games start at 10:00PM now.

I don’t have to, I’ll be there for game 2!! (I’m about 3 hours drive from Sydney and I grew up about half hour from the SCG) – (John from Aus)

BTW April 6 ending of daylight savings is correct

I will be at work all night both nights, so I’ll be tuning in via MLB.tv!

Staying up? We’ve got our tickets and are heading across to the game from New Zealand! Finally get to see the Dodgers live ….. sometimes the gods smile upon us!🙂

I’m there if it’s telivised…no different from when I used to live in Bahrain or Guam

that translates to 11am and 5am here in the UK. and yes i will be setting my alarm and will be bright eye and bushy tailed. or should that be red eyed and fuzzy tailed. either way i will be watching coverage.
ill be pretty jammed that day im heading to the EPL newcastle united v crystal palace game for a 3pm gmt kick off.
so thanks to mlb.tv i wont miss a hit.

Every opening day should be a double header! Brilliant!

Damn straight! (I’m a night owl anyway.)

Of course I’ll be up! I’ve been on countdown since the season ended!!

Here in Toledo, OH it will be 5AM so I’ll get up a little earlier than usual.

10:00 PM Honolulu Standard Time the night before. I’ll at least start watching it.

I hope they have a swimming pool in Right Field.

I’ll miss the first game with it’s 4:00AM start but try to catch the start of the second game at 10:00PM.

If I got it right the 2nd game will start at the normal time. I hope I can get it on MLB Extra innings or I’ll try MLB.TV on my computer.

I will be at all four games at the SCG!! Australia’s No.1 Dodger Fan! Live. Breathe. Blue. This is my ultimate dream coming true when my beloved Dodgers play my Aussie boys!!! Look out for the signs in the crowd!!!!

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