Vin Scully, Clayton Kershaw reap awards from Southern California Sports Broadcasters

Vin introduces O%27Malley

By Josh Tucker

The Dodgers were well represented at the 23rd annual Southern California Sports Broadcasters Awards held on Monday — as is the case every year with Vin Scully in the booth. The Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster was named the Chick Hearn Radio Play-By-Play award winner for the 16th time and the SCSB Best Television Play-By-Play Announcer for the 12th time.

The 2013 Special Achievement Award was bestowed upon the Dodgers’ all-world all-star Clayton Kershaw. The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Dwyre had this to say about the two-time Cy Young Award winner:

The phrase that keeps coming to mind, as we watch Clayton Kershaw pitch for the Dodgers and win Cy Young Awards and hit home runs on Opening Day and go off on African trips to build an orphanage, is obvious.

The guy is just too good to be true.

If you just landed here from Mars and heard about him, you’d assume he was 35 years old and was achieving all this with a foundation of experience and maturity.

Ah, no. He is 25.

The Southern California Sports Broadcasters are giving him the Special Achievement Award. Once you do that, you kind of have to retire the trophy.

Who comes next? The Pope? Peyton Manning? Sandy Koufax…

Charley Steiner accepted the award on behalf of Clayton Kershaw.

O%27Malley speaks_Vin listens copy2

In addition to Scully and Kershaw, Peter O’Malley was recognized with the Gil Stratton Lifetime Achievement Award for his family’s role in bringing Major League Baseball to the city of Los Angeles in 1958.

For his advancements in orthopedic sports medicine, former team physician and Tommy John surgery pioneer Dr. Frank Jobe, was recognized with the Stu Nahan President’s Award. Former Dodger pitcher Darren Dreifort accepted the award on Dr. Jobe’s behalf.

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