The Dodgers’ 2014 Yearbook: Special Vin Scully edition

2014 yearbook cover

By Jon Weisman

The Los Angeles Dodgers 2014 Yearbook is a special 65th anniversary commemorative edition dedicated to Vin Scully. And you have to get it.

Not just because Vin Scully is on the cover, though that might be reason enough. But because we also celebrate the legendary broadcaster with an unprecedented 21-page section entirely in Scully’s words, discussing his life and career at length, taken from a one-on-one interview conducted in January.

Among the topics Scully discusses are his childhood and adolescence, his ascension to the broadcast booth, his move to Los Angeles and his thoughts about such players as Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela, Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig. The interview is punctuated by personal reflections by Scully looking back through time.

The 2014 Yearbook is more than a collectors item — it’s something to cherish.

Beyond Scully, the Yearbook also features as a nice month-by-month review of the Dodgers’ 2013 season and a detailed look at the 2014 roster, as well as information about the team’s community efforts, minor-league talent and Dodger Stadium improvements.

The Yearbook is schedule to be on sale at Dodger Stadium beginning this week during the Freeway Series, and print copies can also be ordered here at the Dodger Insider magazine page. The Yearbook is free with a subscription to the print edition of Dodger Insider magazine.


Jon, I don’t know if you could sell ice to Eskimos, but you just sold me on this!

The cover of the yearbook reminds me of the old Unocal 76 Dodgers portraits. I had a bunch from the early 80s

I still have mine Scott. I loved collecting those when I was a kid.

Unocal 76 Dodgers portraits I had some from the 60s & 70s I thought or am I too early…

Wasn’t it Union 76 way back? Vinny is the greatest. They will have to lock me up in a psych ward when he retires!

I have been the owner of lots of Dodger yearbooks but the 2014 cover may well be the best of them all. It would be great if the covers of all the Dodger yearbooks could be posted. The biggest rival to the 2014 yearbook cover in my opinion is the Brooklyn Dodger yearbook in 1956

Does anyone know if the Media guides will also be on sale this weekend?

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