Dodger Pride Rewards Program announced

RewardsBy Michelle Rubin

The Dodgers are introducing the new Dodger Pride Rewards Program in 2014, available to season-ticket holders and premium seating mini-plan holders who have purchased a minimum of 10 games.

The program aims to reward the Dodgers’ most loyal fans for what they already do: attending games and using their tickets. The new loyalty card is an enhancement of the previously used MVP card (merchandise discount, early entrance, vertical access in Dodger Stadium) — as well as new opportunities and experiences.

Cardholders will now be able to receive special offers and discounts from the Dodgers and Dodger partners, as well as the chance to win Dodger prizes and experiences. The array of potential rewards includes autographed baseballs, seat upgrades and the chance to throw out a first pitch.

In addition to the new card, primary account holders will also have access to the Dodger Pride Rewards portal. The dynamic portal will house their special offers, as well as up-to-date game information and announcements. Participants can access the portal via their My Dodgers Tickets site or via Eligible fans who are the primary account holder are automatically enrolled in the program.

“It was very important to us to develop a program that demonstrates to our season-seat holders we appreciate their loyalty,” said Dodger executive vice president and chief marketing officer Lon Rosen. “Dodger Pride Rewards offers incentives to our season seat holders that have not been offered in this manner before to Dodger fans.”


This really chafes me. It’s bad enough I can’t see the games, but now I’m being singled out as not “loyal” enough because I don’t attend enough games – because I live in Portland, Oregon.. Never mind that I buy MLBTV every year and watch EVERY single game, buy ridiculously overpriced Dodgers gear, their magazine and all do all sorts of other risible things because I am a died in the wool, daughter of my father, a Brooklyn Dodgers fan from way back — FAN! Yeah, I even make my way, on the rare the occasion to SF or Seattle to see the Dodger, if I weren’t disabled and completely broke I would try to get to LA, but heartbreakingly it’s simply isn’t in the cards. But I’m still not LOYAL enough of a fan for FAN for those folks in LA. I grew up in the San Franciso Bay Area, as a kid, I saw The Infield, Bull Dog, Fernando and the like while donned in Dodgers gear, and being heckled and having things thrown at me while attending games at Candlestick. Last year I attended 3 games at ATT park, or what’re utility it’s named for now, and I’m still being yelled at during these games after all these years. I guess Real, LOYAL fans go to the cushy, friendly confines of Dodger Stadium, where they don’t get holland at, or threatened or have things thrown at them, and that’s the true sigh of a real fan — that’s sure worth rewarding!

Tis a cruel world Mrs. O’Herin. Having to suffer through Charlie Steiner for an entire season should warrant the title of loyal fan.

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