What time is it? Time for a new Dodger Stadium clock and more …

By Jon Weisman

Ever since I saw the initial design, I’ve gotten a kick out of this clock. And now, it’s a reality, in the plaza behind left field.

Clock actual

It’s part of a bunch of new stuff at Dodger Stadium this year, some of which we’ve already chronicled, more of which is captured here. The new plazas behind the bullpens are going to be a hit, I think.

The first photo below was a work-in-progress shot taken of the left-field plaza earlier in March. The second photo was taken Monday and the one below it today.

LF Plaza 1

Plaza 3-24-14


Next is a photo taken last week of the newly relocated pantheon of retired numbers, to the left of the left-field plaza.

Retired numbers-1

And here are a couple of even earlier shots of work being done to create the plaza behind right field. Check @Dodgers for more from the right-field plaza during today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.





How would one gain access to the bullpen overlook? As in do u need a specific ticket for that area or just a field level ticket?

Field, Pavilion, Loge and Club can all access this area. Reserved and Top Deck have access to the gathering areas behind those levels.

I’m a bit confused. So Reserve and Top Deck tickets do NOT have access to the new areas (left/right field plaza, bullpen overlook, etc)?

They would have bbq when I finally decided to give up meat. Damn

Have you tried the vegan Dodger Dogs? Delicious! You can find them at Wetzel’s Pretzels in the stadium.

Do the pavilions now have access to Camacho nachos and garlic fries?? lol

The additions looks more like it belongs at Disneyland. Everything looks so cartoony now.

Jon, I’m not used to seeing a Dodgers logo done as “Dodger” with the little swoop underline thingy coming from the end of the “r” rather than then “s”. Have you seen that elsewhere around the stadium?

It’s unique here, because the phrase isn’t “It’s time for Dodgers baseball.”

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