Approaching a milestone: 10,000 National League wins

By Jon Chapper/ Dodgers PR

On this date in 1890, the Dodgers won their first National League game, as Mickey Hughes picked up the victory in the club’s 7-6 win at Boston. Now, 124 years later, the Dodger franchise is on the verge of its 10,000th National League victory, but how close is up for discussion: 

  • According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the club picked up its  9,997th win yesterday, putting the franchise just three wins shy of joining the Giants (10,703), Cubs (10,443) and Braves (10,236) as the only MLB franchises with 10,000 wins. 
  • The Dodgers’ media guide had the club entering the 2014 season with 9,972 wins. When the club’s 12 wins this year are added, the franchise would have 9,984 victories.
  • The discrepancy is the club’s 1899 record, listed by the club as 88-42, while Elias has it at 101-47. According to documents uncovered by the Dodger historian Mark Langill from the 1900 version of Reach’s Official Base Ball Guide, the Brooklyn franchise had 18 games thrown out of its 1899 record due to an illegal player, Zeke Wrigley, and another infraction. These documents have been submitted to Elias

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.55.42 PM


Wow that was before my time, in fact, before my father was born. Yes a long time ago, but you know, as for me, I’d like to get those 13 wins back. They are behind the Giants, Cubs and Braves even with those wins.But if not we can do without them.

why do the Dodgers continue to say they are one win away from 10,000?

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