Kershaw not out of the Cy Young Award race

By Cary Osborne

Clayton Kershaw missed six, maybe even seven starts because of the teres major muscle strain. But the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner isn’t necessarily out of the race for 2014.


Jon SooHoo, Los Angeles Dodgers

There is a precedent, although very much a rarity, of pitchers to start under 30 games in non-strike seasons and still win the Cy Young Award — each time involving former Dodgers.

Rick Sutcliffe began the 1984 season with the Cleveland Indians before being traded on June 13 of that year to the Chicago Cubs.

Sutcliffe made 20 starts for Chicago and was 16-1 with a 2.69 ERA, 1.078 WHIP and 155 strikeouts in 150 1/3 innings.

It’s not like Sutcliffe didn’t have competition for the prize that season either.

Dwight Gooden had a 2.60 ERA and struck out 276 batters in 31 starts (218 innings), Bruce Sutter had 45 saves and had a 1.54 ERA and Joaquin Andujar won 20 games and pitched 261 1/3 innings.

Pedro Martinez won the A.L. Cy Young Award in 1999 and 2000, starting 29 games each season.

Kershaw is likely to end the season with 27 starts. and he has one superb outing under his belt. Today, he gets back in the race with his first start since March 22 in Australia.



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