Video: Dee Gordon’s 13.9-second merry-go-round

By Jon Weisman

The Dodgervision production team gave us Dee Gordon’s time around the bases on this third-inning jaunt: 13.9 seconds, or faster than any Major Leaguer has been clocked this decade by Tater Trot Tracker.

That alone would have made it a happy night for Gordon, but he added three singles and two runs tonight against Colorado for the Dodgers. It was the third time in his career Gordon has had at least four hits, along with one game in 2011 and his five-hit game earlier this year. And he had that all done by the sixth inning.

Gordon, who entered play tonight with a season-low .321 on-base percentage, quickly bumped that up to .333 after walking in his fifth at-bat of the evening.


Dee Gordon is nothing but good news to this team. Whatever he’s doing, I hope NL opponents don’t figure him out and he stays healthy. It looks very much that he’ll be the All-Star starting second baseman and who knows? It may be for years to come.
The most important thing now is for him to keep up the good work and help the Dodgers win.

Oldbroooklynfan…. I too, as one who can say am on old Brooklyn fan and saw a game at Ebbets Field, agree with you in totality. Dee Gordon, in concert with the rest of this team, give the Dodgers that extra dimension they need so desperately…. speed on the basepath!!!

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