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True Hollywood Stories: Behind the scenes with celebrities at Dodger Stadium in 2014

By Cat Belanger

This is a mix of top celebrity moments of the year and my own experiences with them. Disclaimer: I am going to complain about having to talk multiple times to David Beckham in this article and hope you feel bad for me.

LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM VS LOS ANGELES DODGERSChrissy Teigen: In case you missed it, prior to Chrissy’s first pitch, she tweeted that she was drunk. This instantly sparked a ton of publicity surrounding her appearance at the Stadium. But while some people shun her for drinking prior to her first pitch, what they didn’t see was she was treating the whole experience as a fun event (which it really is).

It was her dad’s birthday, and she brought him, her mom and some friends to enjoy the night together. She made her first pitch a great family event.  I work with all of our first pitch celebrities, and it’s sometimes sad how celebrities only treat it as a publicity stunt, then leave after rather than enjoy the game. Chrissy enjoyed every minute, from coming early with the family to enjoy batting practice (and some adult beverages), to specially ordering her father a cake to surprise him in the sixth inning. Chrissy was one of my favorite first pitches ever merely, because she had the best time here from start to hazy finish.


Our players fanboying out over Jessica Alba (obviously), Martin Lawrence and David Beckham: One of the differences for me this year was our players had a spike in interest for the big names we had coming through — one being David Beckham. News of David’s attendance spread through the Clubhouse prior to a game — and I was put to work as the annoying autograph asker. There were so many things I needed to get signed by him, I had to go back up to him multiple times with items. This is where I’m complaining that I had to keep talking to David Beckham, but I was even annoyed by me.

CHICAGO CUBS  VS LOS ANGELES DODGERSThe Dude. Being exactly like the Dude: This had been a long time coming. We have wanted Jeff Bridges to come out to the park for a while. There were a few really fun moments with him.

  • When I introduced him to Don Mattingly, who himself has a very laid back surfer vibe to him, it was like introducing two of the same person to each other.
  • When I took Jeff down to the cages to practice his throw, he and his friend/trainer practiced some sort of meditative yoga first. Jamey Wright, Andre Ethier and I watched in awe.
  • When we had a mini-meeting with his family and team about him “bowling” the first pitch to start, à la his “Big Leibowski” character, it was just a really interesting conversation — with lots of practice bowls.
  • When he drew a pic of his face on a baseball as an autograph for Brian Wilson, who is a mega fan of his.


2014 Dodgers Celeb-a-Palooza

By Cary Osborne

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, actor Paul Rudd told a Kansas City news station after the Royals punched their ticket to the World Series on Wednesday that there would be an afterparty at his mom’s house.

Other celebrities have expressed their loyalty to Royal blue in the recent past — Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle and Eric Stonestreet among them.

Those are some heavy hitters. So it got me thinking, who are some of the heavy-hitting celebs who rooted for Dodger blue this season?



Video: Bryan Cranston is the one who knocks, and Vin Scully answers


Watch as “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston fulfills a lifelong dream of meeting Vin Scully, only to have Scully respond with another surprise.

— Jon Weisman

Bryan Cranston: Golden Globe winner, Dodger fan

Photo by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC 2013

Photo by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC 2013

By Cary Osborne

Sunday, actor Bryan Cranston won his first Golden Globe award for playing Walter White on one of television’s most talked-about shows, “Breaking Bad.” The three-time Emmy Award winner and Canoga Park native is also a huge Dodger fan.

On July 26, Cranston threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium. But before he tossed the pitch, he bent over and touched the dirt on the mound — obviously taking in every moment.

Cranston, who was also nominated for Emmys three times for his role on “Malcolm in the Middle” and who was a prominent castmember in 2013 Oscars best picture “Argo,” spoke about his love of the Dodgers for Dodgers Magazine in August.

Falling in love: “I’m a big, big Dodger fan. Have been all my life. My first Dodger game I was 5 years old. It was 1961 at the Coliseum, and I loved going. Wally Moon was my favorite player back then because as a 5-year-old, the name ‘Moon, Wally Moon’ was so interesting. And the ‘Moon Shots’ he used to hit to left field. It was fantastic. And then I was here in 1962 when Dodger Stadium opened up. It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years.”

Playing baseball as a kid: “Since I can remember I wanted to be a baseball player. I also realized I had nowhere near the talent to even compete at the high school level, so I really loved the game more than I was good at it. But baseball was a touchstone for me. No matter what was going on in my life, if there were problems in the family or anything like that, if I heard Vin Scully’s voice, it brought everything down to a level that made sense and it calmed me. His voice to me was like being hugged. I only met him once, but it was in passing. It wasn’t like I got the chance to sit down and talk to him. I would love that. That would be my dream to sit down and actually have a conversation with him. It’s probably more frustrating to meet somebody quickly than to not have met them.

“I played Little League through grade school and junior high. When I got into high school it was a bad time for me. I was confused, and I wasn’t very confident and I wasn’t able to put together a work ethic that was required to show whatever skill you had. To bring out the best, the Pete Rose mentality, a good solid player but his mentality made him a great player, I never had that chance to put that all together. I look back on that now and think if I really put an effort together in high school I wonder if I could have played. But I didn’t. It just didn’t work out. I got hurt one summer in a baseball league, torn ligaments. It just didn’t work out.”

Favorite players: “I love them all who put on this uniform. One of the things I loved about shooting ‘Breaking Bad’ is we shot it in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I got to go to a lot of those Isotopes games. Beautiful ballpark, and those kids are playing for all the right reasons. They have a dream and they want to get up to the show. To root them on and see them play their hearts out is special. Anytime a player can take that into the Major Leagues and maintain that enthusiasm, that childlike enthusiasm that reminds them of when they were a kid and how much fun they had playing this game, if they can keep that, then I’m with them. I’m an Isotopes fan, big time. They’re doing pretty well. I keep track of them.

“I love the utility players, the scrappy little guys. … And of course I love the stars. Anyone could pick the stars — Yasiel (Puig) and Clayton (Kershaw) and the others.”